How do I sign up? At the beginning of the season “sign-up sheets” are placed in the auditorium. You simply place your name on the sheet corresponding to the day and item you wish to supply. If you have a group you can put your group’s name on the sign-up sheet and a contact’s name. Or you can e-mail me at A reminder is sent out one week prior to the date you signed up for and you can check here under "Volunteers" to see what you signed up for.
Food: Individuals sign-up to bring one of the various menu items or a group i.e. Home Church, family, Sunday School etc. can establish their own menu. Food needs to be ready to serve no later than 6:45pm. A kitchen is available at church if a group wants to cook there.
Kitchen Help: We need four people to serve the food and deserts and clean-up the kitchen after the evening meal.  We are usually done by 8:00pm
Innkeepers: Three people are needed to spend the night with our guests. The innkeepers ensure the security and safety of our guests and the CAC. They also assist in setting up breakfast, handing out sack lunches and cleaning up. They may be asked to assist in transporting the guest to the downtown campus on Wednesday morning. Innkeepers arrive on Tuesday evening at 6:00 p.m. and leave around 6:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. Free home cooked meal provided and you do get to sleep
Laundry: Someone is needed to wash the sheets, towels and wash cloths. This is usually three or four loads. This person would pick up the items at church any time Wednesday and return them no later than 4:00pm Tuesday evening.
Contact Person: The Contact Person will see or call the volunteers on Sunday to remind them of what they are to bring and let the coordinator know if there are any problems.
Christmas Party: Someone is needed to coordinate the Christmas party we have for our guests.
Tuesday Evening: Two volunteers meet at the CAC at 5:15pm to pick up the vans and drive to the downtown campus and transport our guest to the CAC. The downtown campus is approximately nine miles from the church. You are usually back by 6:15pm
Wednesday Morning: Two volunteers meet at the CAC at 5:15am and return our guests to the downtown campus and return the vans to Generations Changers Church, on Stewarts Ferry Pike. They are normally back at church by 6:10am.